“I have been a client of Ana’s for a number of years. Ana is a gifted
and compassionate healer who knows how to quickly get to the core of
any issue through the many modalities she practices. Recently she
performed a quantum healing hypnosis session on me to help me identify
why I could not release certain aspects of my past. The experience was
one of the most profound healings I have ever had. She guided me to a
place of inner peace and “knowing” and I was able to understand what I
was holding on to and how I could work toward releasing it. Every time
I have a session with Ana, I leave feeling refreshed, energized and in
harmony with the world around me.”

SJ – Director of Non-Profit Organization 11/17


“I have been seeing Anna for energy healings and decided I wanted to a
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session. I needed peace back in my life. I
had lost who I was, lost my mojo, and needed it back, so desperately.
The experience was absolutely amazing. It is hard to explain exactly
what Anna does, but she guides you into a relaxed state, for those of
you who practice yoga, it is like being in a meditative state.  I
walked away feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. More importantly,
over the next few days, the quantum energy continued to heal. I
recognized that I was feeling myself again.  I looked at things
differently; what used to get me so upset, I found I could handle once
again. I definitely have my mojo back. I am back. I am at peace. I am
so happy. I cannot say enough about the experience. Thank you Anna.  I
want to add here too, that my daughter is now seeing Anna, and she
loves her.”

BL – Technology Director 11/17


“I am a completely different person since I began working with Ana –
for the better! She has helped me to let go of so much heavy baggage
and to feel clear and focused on my life’s purpose. She is a talented
and intuitive healer with a kind heart and demeanor.”

AA – 11/17


“Ana’s therapeutic counseling techniques have helped me release hidden emotions of the past that have been negatively affecting my life.  She is consistently showing me the path of learning who I am, how strong I am, how valuable I am, and how to let go of what is no longer serving me.  Her holistic, gentle, supportive, yet firm, manner has been exactly what I have needed at this time in my life.”

H.B., Single mother of three


“A whole new world opened up for me when I started seeing Ana.  The realization of how things were, are and can be were brought into perspective.   I learned to trust my own feelings and instincts of whether something is serving my highest good.  The various techniques she intertwines with her counseling are a blessing which help create an understanding within yourself of why you are the way you are.  She has helped awaken me to the light I truly am.  I honestly wish everyone could see Ana because I know she could help you too!”

M.B., Small Business Owner


“It is difficult for me to put into words the profound effect Ana has had on my life since I began couseling sessions with her.  With Ana’s knowledge, guidance, and calm demeanor, I have regained the confidence and emotional well-being to be in the present moment, trusting the process of life and able to look at any past or present situation with clarity and compassion for myself and those around me.”

S.R., Meeting Planner


“I started seeing Ana about a year ago, when I came to her during a painful divorce.  She began using the Emotion Code on me, which has forever changed my life.  The results have been astounding, what would normally take years of therapy, can be achieved in a fraction of the time.  I have used many alternative therapies to heal, and this one by far has had the best results.  I am so grateful to Ana for trusting and using this style of therapy.”

S.C., Registered Nurse


“How do you begin the healing process when you can’t even distinguish and define what’s wrong to yourself, let alone your counselor? At a recent session, my Emotion Code practitioner, Ana Zick, asked me to describe what was wrong, and I could hardly answer her. What wasn’t wrong? As a single mother of a one-year-old living 1,333 miles from family, I had finally reached the nadir of being overwhelmed, unbalanced, exhausted, confused, fearful, and sad, and it all manifested itself as an emotional puzzle right in front of Ana. I felt like a limp noodle that wasn’t going to be much help.

I had my most transformative Emotion Code session to date on this day. Ana didn’t hesitate to begin muscle testing and clearing blocked emotions immediately. As we progressed in the session, I felt clearer, calmer, and relieved. Ana was identifying emotions that I wasn’t even clear enough to identify myself. This was by far the most emotionally-powerful experience I have ever witnessed because the spectrum of emotions was so extreme on this day. Ana was able to clear the blocked emotions that were bogging me down so much so that in a couple hours’ time, I transformed from feeling emotionally despondent, to hopeful, clear, and even laughing as I walked out the door. Without my ability to really participate actively in the clearing in the beginning of the session, Ana really had her work cut out for her. Thank you, Ana, for hearing me and translating my needs especially at the times when I have trouble hearing them for myself.”

B.B., High School Teacher